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What semester are you requesting academic accommodations start in? (If you're an incoming Freshman starting in Fall 2020 please select Fall 2020)
Are you a Distance Learner? (Example: All of your courses are online)
Are you seeking permanent or temporary accommodations? (Temporary accommodations would be for injuries, surgeries, temporary conditions etc.)
Are you transferring from a University of Cincinnati branch campus?
If yes, did you receive accommodations at that campus?
Did you receive special education services or accommodations in K-12 or at another post-secondary education institution? If so, check all that apply:
If deemed eligible for services, what accommodation(s) are you requesting from Accessibility Resources?
Medical Professional Disability Verification Form or Supporting Disability Documentation

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Please upload your Medical Professional Disability Verfication form or documentation supporting your request for accommodation that meets Accessibility Resource's documentation guidelines. Note: JPEG, PNG, or other image files containing photographs of documentation will not be accepted and may delay review of your documentation. Please provide scanned PDF or digital documents.

Additional Documents: Upload any additional documentation, assessments, etc. in support of your request for academic accommodations

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