Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services (CECH)

Application for Change in College and Program

Fall Semester – July 1

Spring Semester – Nov 1

Summer Semester – March 1

Applications submitted after the posted deadlines will continue to be reviewed for the term requested. Any requests that we are unable to approve will be acknowledged in distributed admission notifications.


Former name to which your academic record may be connected (for example: if previously attended under maiden name and are now married).

Always include M. Do not include dashes.

Please be sure to check your inbox and junk mail for all potential admission notifications, particularly if entering a personal email.



Applying for (Term): Select Only One
Applying for (select only one):

Please choose your new major from one of the 4 CECH schools below:

Only select an online option if you intend to complete the entirety of that major online.

The Information Technology: Cybersecurity track is no longer available as a primary track.


Have you ever been found responsible for a disciplinary violation at any educational institution you have attended from 9th grade (or the international equivalent) forward, whether related to academic misconduct or behavioral misconduct that resulted in disciplinary action (those actions could include, but are not limited to: probation, suspension, removal, dismissal, or expulsion from the institution)? (Used with permission of The Common Application, Inc.)
Have you ever been adjudicated guilty or convicted of a misdemeanor, felony, or other crime? [Note that you are not required to answer "yes" to this question, or provide an explanation, if the criminal adjudication or conviction has been expunged, sealed, annulled, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise ordered by a court to be kept confidential.] (Used with permission of The Common Application, Inc.)
By submitting this form, you acknowledge that you are applying to change your program and/or college. Many UC programs have selective admission requirements, therefore this application does not guarantee admission to your selected program. You may be subject to changes to your billing and fees, scholarship/financial aid eligibility, cohort status, and more. Be sure to check with your academic advisor and/or financial aid before submitting this form.

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