Student Housing Accommodation Request Form

A housing accommodation request cannot be reviewed without the Housing Accommodation Provider Form. It is the student's responsibility to provide this form to the appropriate professional for completion.
Medical Professional Form Acknowledgement

If you've not been assigned a building and room, please leave blank.

7. Current Student Status
8. If approved, when do you want the accommodation to begin? New students beginning Fall 2022 SHOULD NOT complete this form until May 2nd or later, when Fall 2022 is an option to select.
Are you already registered with Accessibility Resources for academic accommodations?
If no and academic accommodations are needed, please feel free to visit the Accessibility Resources Student Registration webpage.
16. Medical Professional Form Upload:

This field is required

Please upload your completed Housing Accommodation Medical Professional Form.

17. Additional uploads:

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Upload any additional documentation, assessments, support of your housing accommodation request.

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