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Mission (our charge)

The African American/Black Male Staff (AABMS) organization is committed to providing a support network and professional development opportunities for AA/Black male staff at the University of Cincinnati.

Vision (what we aspire to become)

Through programs, meetings, literature readings, educational workshops and networking the AABMS aspires to become a standing body that implements strategies to create opportunities for the recruitment and retention of AABMS to serve the University and extended community.

Values (our driving principles)

The founding principles for the AABMS are to enhance the professional men of AABMS and to increase the consciousness and togetherness of AABMS across campus, while also upholding a high standard for integrity and a dedicated focus on the recruitment, retention, mentorship, and commitment to the University of Cincinnati AABM students.

Arthur Walton
Educational Adviser/Career Coach


I have worked at the University of Cincinnati for 30 years and currently serve as an Educational Academic Advisor for the Cincinnati Pride Support Services where I oversee and coordinate a tuition based scholarship program designed to provide funding for first generation Cincinnati Public High School graduates. Motivated, supported and provided guidance to over 1000 plus UC students while serving as Advisor of ADVANCE, one of the oldest African-American student organizations at UC founded in 1986. ADVANCE provides leadership and professional development opportunities for minority students. Arthur guided and mentored hundreds of African American student leaders and members of ADVANCE.  Assisted ADVANCE over the past 26 years in raising over $350,000 in university funding, corporate sponsorship and alumni donations to fund an annual Spring Break called the Corporate Excursion Work with and Assisted ADVANCE over the past 28 years in raising over $150,000 dollars in corporate sponsorship for their annual Diversity Networking Reception 

Served as a Career Coach/Adviser and Student Employment Coordinator for the Career Development Center where I assisted students with their career development needs focused on interview preparation, resume writing, job search, and job placement. Created an “Internship Month Diversity Week” to encourage students of color to be more engaged and involved in internships and leadership opportunities. I created the first University of Cincinnati Part Time Job fair in 2000. At its height, the part-time job fair attracted over 65 plus employers, 500 plus students, and secured $6000 in corporate sponsorship annually. Served as the Outreach/Membership Chair of UC’s African American Black Male Staff Employee Resource Group. Served as Membership Chair for UC’s Adviser of Color Employee Resource Group. Serves on the Darwin T. Turner Scholarship Selection Committee. Served on the Student Affairs Professional Development Committee Served on the Planning Committee, DRTI (Diversity Recruitment Training Institute) DRTI was one of the first employee based Diversity Recruitment initiatives in the country created by Linda Bates Parker.  Community Involvement includes: Serving on Planning Committee, Avondale “Feet in the Street” 5K, Served as Career Development Chair, (APNET) African Professional Network Higher Educational Professional Involvement: Served as President, Vice President, and Committee Chair for the Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (Midwest ACE) and The National Student Employment Association. Served on the Diversity Member Advancement Committee, Midwest Association of Student Employment Administrators (Midwest ACE) Awards: Recipient of the “Bill Ramsey Student Employment Leadership Award” Recipient of United African Student Association’s “Advisor of The Year Award” Recipient of the YMCA “Black Achievers Award” Recipient of the University of Cincinnati “Outstanding Quality Service Award”

Why I'm running for this position

I am a self-motivated individual who is very passionate about building community, an organizer, an innovative visionary, a collaborator, and a firm believer of collective leadership. I have served as the Educational Advisor for the Cincinnati Pride Grant over the past six years, and previously worked as a Career Coach/Student Employment Coordinator within the Career Development Center for 24 years. I have been an advocate for Diversity and Inclusion for my entire career at the University. I have a couple of decades of leadership experience being involved in UC Employee Resource Groups, Professional Associations, and Community Base organizations which has allowed me to develop and enhance my organizational, decision-making, analytical, planning, Interpersonal, Leadership, fundraising, and marketing skills. As Membership Chair, I have successfully recruited individuals to join AABMS’s Executive Board, join as members of the organization, and attend general body meetings and Black Male Staff Socials. 

Over the past two years, I have served as President of UC’s African American Employee Resource Group. Our executive leadership team has successfully created a sense of community by securing $5000 in funding, creating a functioning website and social media platforms, launched a “Support A Black Business” Initiative, created a Diversity & Inclusion Luncheon that attracted 76 UC Staff & Administrators, coordinated a workshop series (Black Men’s Health & Mental Wellness, & Financial Planning), collaborated with UC’s Black Woman on the Move and Advisors of Color employee resource groups in submitting a list of demands and concerns center around employee issues, hosted a daylong Black Men’s Summit event that attracted 75 UC Black Male Staff, Faculty, Administrators, Students, Alumni, Board of Trustees and brothers from the Cincinnati community, and collaborated with Advisors of Color in connecting with 12 other University Minority Employee Resource Groups from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana to conduct a ‘Best Practice’ Networking Event.   My mantra is “Go with People Who Will Do the Work”. My goal is to always use this mantra to lead AABMS as President and continue the work and propel our organization to the next level.

Arthur Walton for AABMS President

Brandon Elliott
Educational Advisor


Former student-athlete with a BA in Political Science from Kentucky State University and semi pro basketball player. Received MS in Human Resource Development at Xavier University and current doctoral candidate in Educational Leadership at UC where he works as the Educational Advisor for Gen-1/1MPACT House. Has been actively involved in the Cincinnati and university community throughout personal and professional career. Coaches high school basketball while married and raising three young men ages 7, 4 & 4.

Why I'm running for this position

As the Educational Advisor for Gen-1/1MPACT House, I advocate for underrepresented students.  As Vice President, I will continue my advocacy by being a voice for Black staff at the University of Cincinnati.  This opportunity will allow me to contribute to the betterment of our institution through awareness, expectations, understanding, and respect. With a diverse professional background working in both public and private institutions, my expertise working with diverse populations, my knowledge of policies in conduct, I bring an extensive experience to be a voice for Black staff.   We teach students how to advocate and collaborate; this opportunity will allow me to enhance my skills to best serve the students.  I am humbled and excited to be nominated and ecstatic to bring my experience to this advisory body.

Brandon Elliott for Vice President

Michael Southern
Director, Accessibility Resources


Currently, I serve as Director of Accessibility Resources within Student Affairs. I've been at UC for 21 years. My training is in ADA law and compliance. I've served as Director of Disability Services at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, KY from 1997-2001. While in Bowling Green, I've served as past President and Vice President of the Mayors Commission on Persons with Disabilities promoting access and inclusion for persons with disabilities. I often conduct training to educate school systems on the differences and similarities of supporting students with disabilities as they transition from secondary to post-secondary.

Why I'm running for this position

I currently serve as Treasurer for the AABMS and have knowledge of the initiatives which the Executive Board discussed this past year along with ideas and suggestions/ideas of what we can do for the 2022-2023 academic year. I would like to continue to use my experience and knowledge of these past financial initiatives to inform and educate the Executive Board and the membership of how we can leverage our membership to locate professionals within UC and broader community to support professional development. In addition, I believe that due to reduced financial resources as a Employee Resources Group (ERG) that we can collaborate with other ERG's, specifically African American ERG's to collaborate on initiatives which would support and promote black issues/concerns. This year, more than ever, education is key to stay informed. I'm confident that working together, our collective personal and professional resources will offer us an opportunity to elevate our footprint on our campus. I appreciate your vote. Thank you.

Michael Southern for Chair of Treasurer

Thomas Shannon
Assistant Director


I've lived in Cincinnati for 6 years but before that I lived in ( no particular order): Kentucky, China, Northern Ohio, Virginia, Texas, California, Germany, England, Alabama D.C., and a few other places I'm probably forgetting. I've always been curious about the world around me, so international education has been a wonderful fit as I get to learn about the world around me, learn about communication & languages, and facilitate transformations within our students and faculty who participate in studying abroad. I look forward to possibly serving as your communication chair again!

Why I'm running for this position

Hola, Bonjour, and 您好 AAMBS members, 
If we don’t know what’s going on, how can we grow as black men? Clear communication is necessary so our members can support each & our communities across campus, grow personally & professionally. I am running so I can continue to shape that communication. For the past two years, I have worked with the executive board to create programming focused on financial and mental health wellness for our members. I have worked with our leadership to make the inaugural Black Male Summit a success.  On campus, I manage faculty-led study abroad programs that require significant international logistics. Without clear, direct communication, between students, faculty, vendors and campus stakeholders, implementing these programs would be impossible.  Being bilingual (Mandarin) further imparts on me the importance of language in our lives and the beauty of a well-worded and succinct email, tweet or meeting. Whatever our role(s) on campus, we deserve to be connected with one another, to have support from one another and to understand the trajectory and health of the organizations we are a part of. All of that begins with great lines of communication that I want to continue to craft for AABMS.

Full CV

Thomas Shannon for Chair of Communications Committee

Ty Fields
Adjunct Assistant Professor


Founder and president of the S.T.A.R.S. Youth Enrichment Program, Inc Youth Enrichment Program, an adjunct assistant professor at the University of Cincinnati, and a doctoral candidate (Ed.D. – expected 2023) at Xavier University (OH).

He brings nearly thirty years of experience to the business marketplace. He has been affiliated with highly recognized and respected brands such as Humana, Inc., ESS. Educational Services, RICOH USA, AmeriCorps, Frito-Lay, Pepsi- Cola Bottlers (PepsiCo), FedEx Corporation (Express Division), and Five-Star Basketball.

His professional work experience, extending to community and youth engagement led him to create the Skills, Talents, Action, Results, and Success (S.T.A.R.S. Youth Enrichment Program, Inc – a Dayton, OH-based youth sport and life skills program) in 2009. The purpose of S.T.A.R.S. Youth Enrichment Program, Inc is to encourage young people between the ages of 8 and 16 to accomplish their physical and educational goals.
From 2005 to 2009 at Five-Star Basketball, his marketing work allowed him to work with many of the world’s finest coaches and players in today’s basketball culture.

He is a ten-year member of The Society of Professional Journalists, a graduate of the Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Action Program (class ’19), a graduate of the Leadership Council for Nonprofits BOLD program (class ’19), and a thirty-year member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Incorporated (Zeta Eta chapter).

His former affiliations and memberships include SCORE® (Dayton, OH), Business Volunteers for the Arts (Philadelphia, PA), the YMCA board of directors (Abington, PA, and Louisville, KY), a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) at the Common Pleas Court of Montgomery County, Ohio – Juvenile Division CASA Program. Additionally, he was a two-term member as vice-chairman at Otterbein Senior Lifestyle Communities (Lebanon, OH), and a three-term member at The Human Race Theatre Company’s board of trustees (Dayton, OH).

He holds an M. Ed. (primary Sport Administration) and a BLA from Xavier, and an ALA from Sinclair Community College (Dayton, OH). In 2019 he was selected to Harvard’s Business Analytics Program (FA’ 19).

Ty has a daughter, Lauren, 24 and a son, Connor, 18.

Why I'm running for this position

I am interested in serving as membership chair at AABMS for the following reasons:
I believe in our groups mission and overall vision
There is potential for our member base to grow! 
Our member base has significant ability to empower, educate, and inspire our community at-large about our mission and vision. 

Additionally, I am excited to significantly infuse analytics and social media platforms into our organization to widely promote events, activities membership, etc. 

Thanks for your time and consideration! Have a nice day!

Ty Fields

Full CV

Ty Fields for Chair of Membership

Derrick Chandler
Systems Administrator ERP I


My name is Derrick Chandler and I am an ERP Systems Administrator. I am currently on the UCFlex Basis team dealing mainly with SAP. Previously I worked as a Computer User Support Specialist for the College of Allied Health Sciences (CAHS). I am 38 years old and I have been with the University for over 11 years now. My favorite activities are Karaoke, Swimming, Singing, Music. Speaking of music, apparently I am related to James Purify as well as Candi from the Mary Jane Girls. I sing in my church choir and I used to be a part of a local group called the Gospel Stars. After taking a strengths based leadership assessment, my biggest strengths are adaptability, relationship building, and technological.

Why I'm running for this position

Because this is a new position and chair, I'm pretty sure I will need all the help that I can get. And that's where collaboration comes into play. Everyone's suggestion matters because they do.

LinkedIn Profile

Derrick Chandler for Chair of Technology