Which of the following types of Real World Experience are you submitting your story for?

Location not necessary if organization is UC.

Describe your experience. What activities do you perform in your internship? What type of research are you doing? What other responsibilities do you have in your RWE role?

Use of Photos/Feature Story:

Acceptable Photo Submissions:

If you would like to submit your own photos to A&S Marketing to accompany your story on social media and/or the UC News website, please follow our guidelines below for photo submissions.

  • Acceptable file formats: JPEG, PNG.
  • Emphasis should be on you participating in work for your internship, service learning experience, or research project. Think about action happening in your environment.
  • Avoid “selfies” unless there is an easily identifiable background element, such as a company logo, in your photo.
  • In group photos, please identify yourself and other key figures (unless they don’t want to be named).

If you have more than 2 photos to share, please email them to artscimarketing@uc.edu

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